Best VPN in Europe 2021

March 29, 2021

Full-time online protection & security

Europeans get to enjoy internet freedom to a great extent, but cybercrime doesn’t choose. It remains a threat to everyone. Every second 75 records are stolen by hackers. A VPN masks your IP address and grants you protection from surveillance, hackers, targeted advertising.

Peace of mind on public Wi-Fi

With a fun hashtag #WiFi4You, the EU is doing its best to connect the citizens and tourists via free wireless internet hotspots. We know that public Wi-Fi is extremely convenient, but unprotected networks are the most vulnerable. That’s where a VPN shines – it protects you by encrypting your data and allowing you to browse securely.

Strict no-logs policy for all users

Surfshark is located and functions under the jurisdiction of the British Virgin Islands. Unlike the EU, there are no obligatory data retention laws. That’s why we don’t monitor your browsing activity or collect your data.

Specialized servers for fast P2P & torrent activity

European countries have some of the strictest laws regarding torrenting. You can get fined in Germany, France, the UK, and Finland for torrent-related activities. That’s why we highly suggest using a VPN as it masks your IP address making your online identity private.