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October 7, 2020

Best Indonesia hosting -Should you be wondering whether the above mentioned benefits are worth the extra price, well, here is a review of the top best Indonesia hosting providers for you to compare. 

*** Best Indonesia Web Hosting ***

Established in Indonesia and is one of the fastest growing hosting providers in Indonesia. They are very professional and aim to reply your support tickets within one minutes. 

Indeed, if you need fast and professional technical support, so far best Indonesia hosting is the best choice! I do have a few hosting accounts with them, and the best support channel I find is actually through short massage service and by phone! 

They not only provide web hosting, but also domain related services eg domain registration and renewal as well as personal package, business and even web design. 

Their shared hosting plans are divided into 4 different plans with varying features and prices, All disk space and bandwidth are unlimited transfer per month (for all plan).Features: Daily backup, 30 days money back guarantee, 24/7 support, own hardware and equipment, 99.9% guarantee, CloudFlare, free lifetime domain (for selected shared hosting plans).  

Fast forward more than a decade later, not only are they still in the business but they had grown into one of the leading web hosting provider in Indonesia. It was awarded the prestigious The Best Web Hosting Indonesia. 

Not surprising too, for have over hundreds servers with thousands registered domains that range from individuals to small & medium size businesses to public listed companies in over 33 province! Features: 30 day money back guarantee, 24/7 support, 99.9% network uptime guarantee, 99.5% server uptime guarantee. 

Best hosting Indonesia other than a few bad reviews about them (which web hosting company doesn’t?),Indonesia hosting seemed to have mostly good things being written about them, about being reliable and having good support. 

Since Linux shared best Indonesia hosting is the most popular web hosting plan, suitable for a full range of websites, here’s a quick comparison between the above Indonesia web hosts’ Linux shared hosting plans. 

You may be curious why I ranked as the best Indonesia web hosting company. Well, there are a number of reasons for this. Please note that I have a couple of web hosting accounts, as well as most of the other web hosts in Indonesia. Thus, I am talking from my experiences. A range of hosting plans to choose from 

They have 4 plans with various features available for their subscribers. They understand that not all businesses are built the same and thus, do not require the same features eg storage space, bandwidth and number of domains. 

So they do not “force” you to subscribe to an all-in-one plan and as a result, you pay only for features that you need, and thus, their hosting plans are cheaper comparatively. Reliable and high security The one thing that I like about them is that they own and manage their servers. 

Fast server, network and CloudFlare integration Their partner includes CloudFlare, one of the web’s most popular performance and security service system. This means that websites hosted with best Indonesia hosting would “load twice as fast, uses 60% less bandwidth, has fewer requests and is way more secure“. 

In other words, your website would not only perform better but also is protected against online threats. Best Indonesia hosting coupon code Last and definitely not the least, here’s a goodie that is only available on this website, a Indonesia host coupon code which you can now utilize to get an instant 50% discount!

Note that this is the reputable Indonesia host coupon code which can only be found on this website, and since this is a lifetime coupon code, this means not only will this bring the price down by 50% today, 

My review are based on my own experiences, my clients’ feedback as well as extensive analysis and research on these web hosts. best Indonesia hosting still remains as my top choice when we come to hosting websites or blogs in Indonesia. 

So, if you are looking for a Indonesia hosting provider, do check out best Indonesia hosting for the reliable service and professional support. Plus, don’t forget about the amazing coupon code that you can make use of! Order now at best Indonesia hosting