Best Hexxit Minecraft Servers

April 28, 2021

Bunk’s Pack 5.

MODS: Industrial Craft 2, Buildcraft, ProjectE, ProjectRed, Modular ForceField System, Storage Drawers, Tinkers’ Construct, Avartia. Battle Towers, Biblio Craft, Chisel, Doggy Talents, Hexxit Gear, Immersive Engineering, Iron Chest, Mekanism, Obsidian Mod, Ores Above Diamonds, Portal Gun, Thaumcraft, The Aether, The Twilight Forest, Wearable Backpacks, BetaPlus

Plugins: PlayerHeads, LuckPerms, WorldEdit, OnePlayerSleep, Votifier, LaggRemover, Clans, Multiverse, SimpleBackup, RewardVoting, BanItem, AntiAFK, GriefPrevention, ChestShop, EasyKits, MysqlEconomyBank, Parkour, CombatLogX, Duels, Autorank, Rankup.

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