Best Cheap Web Hosting Services of 2020

October 7, 2020

If You Are Looking For A Cheap Web Hosting Plan…

A cheap web hosting plan is a cost-effective means of contracting for data center services for web developers building multi-domain portfolios on open source scripts.

Shared Linux Web Servers Available as Low as $2 per Month

There is a lot of competition between cheap web hosting providers that offer professional LAMP servers with Linux, Apache, MySQL, & PHP including cPanel for the administration of domain names. Small business owners can take advantage of cheap industry pricing on shared Linux hosting plans for programming & web development.

Most web hosting companies offer a significant introductory discount for new account sign-ups with shared Linux plans available as low as $2 to $3 per month. Windows hosting with ASP.Net support is around the same price for one domain with unlimited domain plans usually available at around $5 to $7 per month as an introductory rate.

1st Question: Is Cheap Web Hosting for me?

There are many types of shared hosting plans with cPanel & Softaculous tools the most popular for small businesses. Unlimited web hosting plans offer support for as many domain names as you need at a single monthly rate. For small business owners with low traffic blogs, ecommerce stores, or information-driven promotional websites for sales & marketing, a cheap website hosting plan could be the right option to launch.

Just because you need a cheap web hosting plan does not mean you should have to put up with a bad service provider. By doing your research in advance, you can ensure the speeds of your website won’t frustrate your visitors or lower your SEO ranking. Make sure to take advantage of introductory discounts. Often these deals are offered only for a limited time period and then the yearly price tag goes up for the plan.

2nd Question: Why Not Free Hosting?

Free web hosting plans are usually limited to subdomains only & often include sponsored advertising content from the platform developers. Free web hosting plans do not permit the full development of independent web scripts in production on MySQL or configuration of PHP settings on a server. Free web hosting plans are suitable for single user blogs but generally do not support ecommerce stores with SSL certificates.

In contrast, there are many types of cheap shared hosting plans featuring cPanel & Softaculous tools which are popular for small business use. Unlimited web hosting plans offer support for as many domain names as you need at a single monthly rate, saving money on data center fees. You can use a free SSL certificate like Let’s Encrypt.

3rd Question: What to look for in a Cheap Hosting Plan?

When looking for a cheap web hosting provider, search for one with unlimited storage and bandwidth. Make sure that the web server hardware is based on SSDs for fastest I/O processing speeds. Also, check to verify the platform supports pre-installed website scripts like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. through Softaculous or Fantastico so you can customize new websites easier. Softaculous speeds up the deployment of websites for web publishers on open source tools & is a popular feature on low priced hosting.

For web publishers who require a Website Builder service, many cheap shared hosting plans will include this for free as part of a larger package of special offers. You can get a free domain name registration, free website transfer, $100+ in Google AdSense credits, & other deals by signing up for a cheap web hosting plan. Some cheap website hosting plans offer free tools for WordPress development including site builders, original themes, CLI support, staging environments, & WAF protection that add extra value.

4th Question: Where Do I Go from Here?

Before committing to a cheap web hosting plan, look at the renewal costs & compare them to the introductory discount. It may be cheaper to sign up for a longer term plan or choose another company with a better deal. Many cheap website hosting plans will also offer a free website transfer service for new accounts. This can be helpful in moving existing websites from an expensive web host to a cheap hosting plan.

There are a growing number of cheap hosting providers that offer reliable services on both Linux & Windows servers, so independent web publishers have no reason to pay a higher price for the same cloud data center services available at other companies. It is most important not to get tricked by the free or incredibly cheap prices you see out there. Take into consideration the customer service reputation of the host company.

Conclusion: Read the Fine Print on Web Hosting Plan Terms

For more help in finding a cheap web hosting plan, take a look at the user reviews at HostAdvice which rate the services of over 1000 cheap web hosting companies.