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September 1, 2020

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Barbados Web Hosting/Cloud Services

SE Technology provides hosting and cloud services to Businesses and entreprenuers located in Barbados for smoother running of your enterprise. Managed Hosting Initiative serves those customers that need freedom from infrastructure management. SE Technology’s ‘Initiative’ team is just that, We take the Initiative. We monitor your infrastructure, scan your applications for security loop holes, back up your data and fix it BEFORE you have an issue. Managed Hosting Initiative is designed for rapidly growing businesses with complex data and web hosting needs.

Email Hosting Server

get your emails hosted

We provide email hosting for all your devices in all technologies

  • IMAP
  • POP
  • WebMail

Manage Hosting

Manage Hosting Initiative Covers
  • Security Updates
  • Data Backup
  • Application Error Scan
  • SSL Encryption Ciphers Suite Update
  • PCI Compliance Verification Monitoring & Issue Response
  • OS patching and roll back
  • Managed hardware Firewalls
  • Process and log analysis
  • Security review on-demand
  • Assistance with installing 3rd party applications
  • SSL certification installation – Full Support
  • Free reinstalls if server is compromised

Icon Design / Visual Branding

Where your Aesthetic Identity is born

Developing icons with a cohesive aesthetic style is what we do here at SE Technology. We believe that flexibility and dynamism are key factors that play an important role in visual brand identity. Through the use of compelling colors, appropriate typography and the right technical skills, our designers at SE Technology aim to positively impact your audience’s lives through the use of your brand.


SE Technology® – a registered service mark that identifies Sioure USA Corp. and all of SE Technology products and services, SE Technology Web Hosting, SE Technology Domains, SE Technology Applications. Use of this name in any territory without written permission from SE Technology Technologies is strictly prohibited.