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March 25, 2020

What The People Are Saying

Arriving in Barbados on the cruise ship for a one day visit I pop into
De Office Cafe Bar, I had the best time ever, food drinks and friendly
service, I will be back for a round of Banks

Enjoyable and comfortable atmosphere in the heart of Bridgetown. De Office Cafe offers 50 seating places, surrounding a big open deck overlooking Broad Street that will make your dining exquisite and enjoyable.

If you can dream it, you can do it.

De Office Cafe opened in 2013 and it is restaurant that serves great food. Our passion is to make people happy with our delicious traditional food. It is a restaurant that comes from the roots of Bajan Cooking. Looking for a sweet tropical treat to spice up your week? 

As the self-proclaimed super food of the Caribbean; the delicious and nutritious breadfruit plant holds a special place in local cuisine. This large green miracle fruit has been a staple in Barbadian households for centuries; options are just endless with this fleshy yellow pulped fruit! Take a look at the classic roast breadfruit recipe for a quick and delicious meal!

Flying fish is a well known delicacy in Barbados and can be found in the homes of many Barbadians. Whether its fried or stewed, flaked or striped, flying fish is loved and enjoyed by every Bajan alike! The delicious little fish is often fried and eaten in bread with a variety of toppings; referred to locally as a “fish cutter”. So how do you make the perfect fried flying fish? Loop is here to teach you the trick!

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From the menu

Ginger Pork

Mango and Red Onion Salsa Read Onions Mango Fresh Coriander Raspberry Vinegar Brown Sugar served with mashed yams


Grilled Salmon

Dill and Caper Mayonnaise Lemon Juice Mustard Olive Oil Capers Fresh Dill Grated Lemon Rind


Grilled Fish

Get yourself started with a collection of the best bites this restaurant has to offer


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Our Daily Menu Is Tailored To Your Needs

Each day our chef prepares a menu that is unique to the feel of the day. If it rains we make sure soup is on it that day, for sunny days we make sure it is salads and plenty of existing foods



Breakfast starts our day at 7:00 A.M with a full menu that will wake you up. Coffee is always piping hot



Lunch starts at 11:00 A.M with foods to keep you happy. Stop in and get refiled today….



Dinner to relax you and keep you strong with a pleasing atmosphere you can enjoy great conversation and fine wine

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Reserve your table for lunching or dining, weddings, personal,  family or business we will save you a seat. Let us know how many persons and we will accommodate you. Just fill out the booking form below and we will contact you to confirm.

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