ARK: PS4 Server rental, Playstation 4 Hosting

June 8, 2021

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ARK: Survival Evolved PS4

ARK: Survival Evolved PS4 is a very successful game from Studio Wildcard. The game is also available for PC, smartphone and Xbox One.

At ARK, the player starts completely on their own, without food or clothing. You are on a mysterious island, right from the start it’s about survival.

The player must actively take care of his food, go hunting, build hiding places and do a lot more to ensure his survival. Especially the dinosaurs living on the island keep chasing him and he has to think about how to master, tame and use them for himself.

Over 80 giant lizards challenge the players

Players have to explore this fantastic world with more than 80 dinosaurs, hunt, tame, breed the giant lizards and form an alliance with other players. Once a player has tamed a dinosaur, he can ride on it and also cover longer stages without problems.

Once you have built all the structures and brought them to the highest level, you can start the fight against the Alpha Dinosaurs. These creatures are among the elite and in the course of the game so far, players have had no chance of surviving them. Now you have a good chance to fight against the alpha animals.