America’s Best VPS

June 2, 2021

VPS LV3 A node is a collection of memory, disk, bandwidth and CPU power that we bundle together. 8 nodes What is a node?; 4GB RAM, 80GB, 24TB bandwidth; cPanel control panel; Fully Managed service; Secure, automatic backup; Managed Cloud Server Features White Glove Support Our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone and email, taking pride in helping VPS.NET customers successfully manage their web presence. 100% SLA with Managed Servers

We know that downtime is unacceptable for any business, which is why we have backed our Managed Cloud Servers with a 100% SLA. Sleep easy knowing our team is working hard to keep you online. 20 Datacenters

Place your site in the location closest to you and your website’s visitors. Choose from 20 datacenters, across 5 continents. Optimized and Secured

Expertly trained support staff configure and manage your cloud server for optimal performance and security. Full rsync backup service included with every plan. Cloud Powered

Our Managed Cloud Servers use our cloud infrastructure, which is designed to eliminate single points of failure, while giving you the flexibility to design the server needed for your application. CentOS + cPanel

All of our managed cloud servers ship with the leading combination of CentOS and cPanel. A combination of one of the most popular server operating systems with the leading web hosting control panel.