About Us

September 4, 2020

Being a web hosting customer can be embarrassing – you frequently need to cope with network downtimes and a bad and slow technical support service. To top it all off, you need to sign at least in two tools in order to administer your domains, billing transactions and your web site itself. When we started , we tried to alter all that.

A Fresh Web Hosting Approach

The web hosting Control Panel is the part of the web hosting platform that the clients see. And ninety percent of the web hosts out there use one and the same web hosting Control Panel – cPanel. We, though, regard cPanel as being archaic and difficult to use – it simply impedes our work. This is the reason why we decided to create a different hosting Control Panel – the Hepsia Control Panel. It’s new, has a modern look & feel and offers billing, domain and website management options, so you can manage everything from one single place. Plus, it has a drag & drop File Manager, so you won’t need to resort to a third-party FTP client. Our tests have demonstrated that the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel is three times faster than other Control Panels! We have also set up a hosting Control Panel demo account – you can see for yourself how the Hepsia hosting Control Panel works.

A Stable Hosting Platform

Your website has to be available online. This is why we count on hyper-fast web hosting servers powered by the winning mix of Linux and Apache. We are also working with four world-class datacenter facilities where you can host your website. This allows us to offer a ninety-nine point nine percent uptime guarantee.

A User-Focused Approach

Last, but most definitely not least – we are there for you! We have Live Chat reps who are there to answer all your pre-sale enquiries and to help you remedy minor technical problems. We have an excellent-quality round-the-clock technical support service. We offer a one-hour trouble ticket response time guarantee, but in the majority of cases our customer care team members reply to support tickets in less than 20 minutes!