A review of Web Hosting in Nigeria

October 6, 2020

Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Web hosting is the sum of all resources and technologies put together to provide storage and access to a website’s files (text and images). These files are stored-on and served-from high end computers (servers), purposefully built for such tasks. Servers are then networked together so that large amounts of data can be processed simultaneously.

Web hosting providers are companies that own / operate large commercial-grade data center infrastructure with hundreds and thousands of networked servers, all connected to the Internet. Thus, millions of websites can be hosted in a single data center.

Web hosting companies provide the infrastructure, hardware, software and technical support required for end-users to host their websites. In a nutshell, most web hosting is more of leasing out hardware and software infrastructure to web-site owners who pay monthly and yearly ‘rental’ fees. A customer could also purchase & own individual/multiple server hardware / software infrastructure, and still host such in a commercial data-center.

A google search for ‘web hosting in Nigeria’ would result in a list of companies providing web hosting services in Nigeria.

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There are two ways websites(website-files) are hosted(stored & served), and this is applicable in virtually any country: locally / or remotely(foreign).

Local web hosting: when a website’s files are hosted on a server physically in the country where the website’s owner is domiciled.

Foreign web hosting: when a website’s files are hosted on a server physically in another country (abroad), outside where the website’s owner is domiciled.

Example: if my website’s files are hosted physically in Nigeria where I live, my web hosting is local(to me). If the files are hosted abroad(India), then my web hosting is remote(foreign)..to me.

Over 99% of website property owners in Nigeria have their website’s files physically hosted abroad(outside Nigeria). The remaining 1% is just a hopeful few, a combination of government departments, parastatals, offices, etc. Thus, “web hosting in Nigeria” is not a function of websites hosted physically in Nigeria, but companies providing web hosting services in Nigeria.

This post examines how web hosting service providers in Nigeria actually provide their services, advantages and disadvantages of patronizing them, other options available. I’m considering only companies owned and operated by Nigerians, domiciled in Nigeria. There are quite a number of them, mostly small-companies. A good number of them have physical presence in Nigeria.

Companies providing web hosting services in Nigeria are resellers / sub-resellers. They purchase reseller web hosting services and packages from web hosting giants like GoDaddy, HostGator, BlueHost, etc., and re-sell to end-users.

Others purchase(lease) shared / dedicated servers from web hosting vendors, install necessary web hosting software, roll out service subscription and payment pages and start selling.

The technical part of setting up a web hosting reseller platform is usually not a problem. Web hosting Reseller Service Providers include several tools to help anyone setup his/her own sub-reseller platform. Dedicated / shared server leasing companies also provide tools to setup servers, and install necessary software.

From the business perspective, setting up a reseller platform is just a couple of clicks, however providing support to end-users is where many resellers in Nigeria come short of expectation.

Local web hosting should be an ideal in any environment, however the challenges of providing hosted services, and over the Internet are many. A huge investment is required to cover costs for hardware and software infrastructure, maintenance, data center location / co-location, un-interrupted electric power supply and cooling systems, Internet connectivity & network security, physical data security, other maintenance and support costs.

With these virtually non existent in the Nigerian environment and in several countries around the world, local web hosting is usually not considered a web hosting option.

Individuals and small medium businesses can’t own their own data centers due to operational costs. The web hosting provider market is left for large corporations who have the infrastructure, technology and human resources.

According to HostAdvice, the United States of America is at the top of web hosting market with GoDaddy, 1&1, AWS occupying the first three spots.

Web Hosting Top Countries

Fig-1: Web Hosting Top Countries

Alexa Internet Inc is an Amazon Company that provides information and analysis of commercial web traffic data and analytics. Alexa’s top websites in Nigeria are currently listed here. As of today, an analysis of the Nigeria-specific websites in Alexa’s list show 15-websites hosted in the USA out of 17.

URL Hosting Country
bet9ja.com USA
naija.ng USA
jumia.com.ng USA
nairaland.com USA
vanguardngr.com USA
punchng.com USA
frsc.gov.ng USA
naijaloaded.com.ng USA
premiumtimesng.com Netherlands
dailypost.ng USA
lindaikejisblog.com USA
gtbank.com USA
nairabet.com USA
konga.com USA
jiji.ng Netherlands
thenationonlineng.net USA
informationng.com USA

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