5G Mobile & Edge Computing

March 30, 2023

Multi-access edge computing allows data considered sensitive or proprietary to be kept locally within your internal network, helping keep private data within your control. Within the multi-access edge computing product, there are multiple layers of security protecting the functionality and enforcement of localized data offload.


As MEC is an extension of the AT&T network, it is designed to meet the same industry standards of 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) and is backed by one of the world’s leading Chief Security Offices (CSOs).


Additionally, AT&T Cybersecurity solutions help make your network more resilient with proactive defenses against emerging cyber threats. AT&T premises-based firewall service provides a highly functional and intelligent layer of protection against malicious applications to your networks through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence ( ML/AI) of traffic identification and customizable enforcement of malicious threats . The service is a fully managed solution, which includes the hardware and software components, installation, configuration, day-to-day management and maintenance, as well as expert customer support and proactive network monitoring of the next generation firewall.