5 Indonesia Best Web Hosting Review 2020

September 8, 2020

5 Indonesia Best Web Hosting Review 2020 – When you build a blog or website, choosing the best web hosting is absolutely mandatory. We are obliged to buy a good hosting, because whether or not a website is well-built one of them depends on this.

But, it is quite difficult to choose a suitable hosting. The problem is the number of hosting providers nowadays. It’s also hard to find features that fit our needs, quality, at affordable prices.

Well, here I gather a list of the best Indonesian web hosting for your chosen material.

Why choose local Indonesian hosting? One of them is ease of communication. In addition, the features and quality are also not inferior to outside hosting providers. Usually there are services that are commonly available at each hosting provider, both local and outside. As; reseller hosting, free SSL, domain purchases, backup facilities, and others. Here I write the price of hosting and other services, okay?

best hosting in indonesia

For more details, you can click the info link in each review.

The following is a brief review of each of the above hosting. I summarize the various features offered by each of the hosting providers above.


Niagahoster can be said to be one of the best web hosting providers in Indonesia, Niagahoster is best hosting indonesia. There are quite a lot of users, and it looks quite active marketing on various channels. Some excellent features that you can find at Niagahoster include:

Choice of Hosting Packages at Niagahoster

  • Baby Package. Price of IDR 19,800 / month.
  • Student Package. Price of IDR 38,900 / month.
  • Personal Package. Price IDR 61,900 / month.
  • Business Package. Price IDR 84,900 / month.

There are various types of hosting packages to choose from. Ranging from inexpensive packages, to packages that are suitable for business. One offered by Niagahoster is unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth.

So you don’t need to worry about the storage capacity of your website later.

Other Services at Niagahoster

  • Free SSL. You can use https on the blog for free. The existence of SSL itself is quite important for the security of our website, and can also add trust in the eyes of Google and visitors.
  • Free domain. This promo is given specifically if you buy a hosting package 1 year at a time. Valid for packages other than the Baby package.
  • Server options in Jakarta or Singapore. You can choose a server for the web later, located in Jakarta or in Singapore. These two places are often the choice of webmasters when building blogs targeting Indonesian visitors.
  • 30 day money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with Niagahoster services.
  • Softaculous installer, web builder application, and others.

Besides web hosting, Niagahoster also has other services such as Cloud VPS, domain registration, email hosting, and others.

Want to move from another hosting to Niagahoster? Can. Just contact directly, and there is also a discount of up to 50% if you move hosting to Niagahoster.


Ardetamedia hosting is under PT Ardetamedia Global Komputindo, this is best hosting indonesia. This hosting provider has various hosting categories that you can choose according to your needs. In each category, you can choose the most suitable hosting package for you.

Hosting Package at Ardetamedia.com

  • Unlimited Hosting. In this category, there are Pro hosting packages (IDR 25,000 / month), Plus (IDR 55,000 / month), and Prime (IDR 75,000 / month).
  • Unlimited Business Hosting. Has the above specifications Unlimited hosting. Price; Gold package (IDR 80,000 / month), Platinum (IDR 100,000 / month) and Titanium (IDR 140,000 / month).
  • Unlimited Hosting SDD server Indonesia. Using SSD and server are in Indonesia, so that access speeds for Indonesian visitors are faster. Price; Luxury package (Rp. 90,000 / month), Enterprise (Rp. 110,000 / month), and Elite (Rp. 150,000 / month).
  • Free Domain Hosting. This bundle package is valid annually, with an Indonesian server. available packages include; IIX FREEDOOM-1 (Rp. 420,000 / year), IIX FREEDOOM-2 (Rp. 788,000 / year), and IIX FREEDOOM-3 (Rp. 1020,000 / year).
  • Budget Hosting. Is the cheapest hosting package, suitable for those of you who are just blogging. available packages include; Lavender (Rp. 16,000 / month), Raflesia (Rp. 21,000 / month), and Edelweiss (Rp. 31,000 / month).

Some things to note are about free SSL facilities. Free SSL facilities are not included in the budget hosting package. For other packages, you must make a manual request to get this free SSL facility.

Other Services at Ardetamedia

  • Server. Especially for those of you who need a separate resource for your website.
  • Email hosting.
  • Domain purchase.
  • Migration services to Ardetamedia.
  • 30 day guarantee.

Ardetamedia has a 30 day money back guarantee policy. So if you are not satisfied with the service can get back the money you paid. Certainly in accordance with the terms and conditions that apply at Ardetamedia.


Idwebhost is one of Indonesia’s most widely used web hosting bloggers. It’s only natural, because the package provided is very affordable with quite complete facilities too.

Hosting Package on Idwebhost

  • Personal. The price is only Rp. 1000 / month. But, this package cannot be used to install wordpress. More suitable for static html web only.
  • Cute The price is Rp. 18,900 / month. Given 2GB of space, enough for a beginner starter blog.
  • Awesome. The price is 34,900 / month. This package is one of the most popular on Idwebhost. You can choose when starting to build a blog.
  • Fantastic The price is Rp 85,900 / month. For those of you who are more serious, you can take this package.
  • Corporate. The price is Rp. 299,900 / month. for those of you who have quite large visitors, it is more suitable to use this package.

Other Services on Idwebhost

  • dedicated server
  • online shop creation services
  • blog / website creation services
  • G suite provider from Google
  • online promotion services

Hosting packages on Idwebhost are given free SSL facilities and also free domains if we order 1 year directly. But it does not apply to personal packages. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee.


Nusantarahost is a local web hosting provider that uses SSD facilities for each hosting package and is the best hosting indonesia. Of course this is an added value, because the use of SSDs can be quite accelerate our blog.

Hosting Packages At Nusantarahost

The hosting package offered by Nusantarahost is divided into two categories;

1. SSD Hosting Business

This hosting package uses SSD storage with specifications suitable for blogs that are already crowded. Packages that are in this category;

  • Standard. Price of IDR 30,000 / month
  • Professional. Price of IDR 40,000 / month
  • Premium. Price IDR 62,500 / month. Is a best seller package at Nusantarahost
  • Ultimate +. Price of IDR 87,500 / month

2. Unlimited Hosting Nusantara

Provides package options with unlimited space options. Some packages available include:

  • Wow, the price of Rp 10,000 / month
  • Riau, the price of Rp. 20,000 / month
  • Bali, the price of Rp 35,000 / month
  • Papua, the price of Rp. 55,000 / month

Other Services at Nusantarahost

Besides web hosting, other services available at Nusantarahost include;

  • Dedicated server, for more serious websites or applications.
  • VPS hosting murah, a virtual private server that can be used for websites that are already crowded by visitors but don’t need to use a dedicated server.
  • Domain registration


Dewaweb is also widely used by large websites and bloggers is the best hosting indonesia. The price is indeed not the cheapest, but still affordable. The space provided is also relatively small compared to the others, but it is still sufficient for mah website needs.

Hosting Packages on Dewaweb

1. Personal & Small Medium Business

  • Scout Price of IDR 20,000 / month with 500 MB of storage
  • Hunter Price IDR 40,000 / month with 2 GB of storage
  • Warrior Price of IDR 90,000 / month with 3 GB of storage
  • Guardian Price IDR 140,000 / month with 6 GB of storage

2. Corporates

  • Crusader. Price IDR 250,000 / month, 10 GB of storage space
  • Paladin Price IDR 600,000 / month, 20 GB of storage space
  • Oracle. Price of IDR 1,200,000 / month, 30 GB of storage space

Various latest technologies have been embedded in hosting services from Dewaweb. Like the Litespeed enterprise webserver, Litespeed cache, redish DB caching, etc. Of course this can speed up our web loading.

Other Services in Dewaweb

Some other services available at Dewaweb include;

  • Linux VPS SSD and also Windows VPS SSD
  • Domain purchase
  • Strikingly web builder
  • RankingCoach SEO tools

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