5 Best Ecommerce Website Builders

March 23, 2020

[1] Template Design – This score incorporates everything an ecommerce website builder allows you to do that is design focused.  How many themes (or templates) it offers you and across what industries, what its themes look like and how easy they are for you (and others) to navigate, how much you’re able to customize and edit them, and whether it offers a mobile editor.


[2] Ease of Use  – Scores are based on getting real, everyday people to test ecommerce builders. We use a variety of people, some who have never used an ecommerce builder before, and others that have used different ones to the one they’re testing (in order to get a fair comparison). We get them to create their own online store using an ecommerce builders and score how easy (or hard) they found certain tasks. The test is then rounded off with an interview about how they found the platform and their scores are then used to calculate what you see above.  


[3] Sales/Website Features – This assesses what each ecommerce builder provides as an inbuilt feature.  Emphasis is placed on sales and management tools over others as these are crucial to selling online and scaling a business. Shopify and BigCommerce are both purpose built to sell online, therefore have better and bigger tools. Wix, Squarespace and Weebly are website builders that offer the ability to sell online as an extra, so their tools aren’t quite as powerful. 

[4] Help and Support –  This area is broken down into the help you receive and the support provided. For help, we looked at the types of customer service on offer. Can you get assistance via email, phone, live chat, social media or forums?

For support, we analysed each builder’s security. How well does it keep your site safe? Does it include an SSL certificate, automatic backups and a restore option?


[5] Pricing – Based on monthly fees as advertised on each ecommerce builder’s own website. Prices will change depending on how long you sign up for (e.g. if you pay monthly on an annual plan it will be slightly cheaper than enrolling on a month-to-month plan).  Read our detailed review for each website builder for further details.  We also have more information about the cost of building a website here.