July 6, 2021

11th Armored Cavalry’s Veterans of Vietnam & Cambodia
Together Then – Together Again

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Fellow Troopers, be advised that some of our members have been receiving emails asking for the recipient to send money, and/or checks, or buy gift cards and send images of the bar codes to the person making this fraudulent request. These emails are supposedly coming from me or other members of the 11th ACVVC.

If you receive such an email, do not respond to it. Delete it.

If you are still unsure of the request, call the “sender” and ask them if they sent the money request.

This has happened many times in the past. The scammers get our names and email addresses from our website. We believe you should be able to reach us at any time and if at all possible, we will keep our contact info on the website



 Next Reunion August 23-30 2021, In Dallas, TX



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The 11th Armored Cavalry’s Veterans of Vietnam & Cambodia was founded in 1984 after 75 names of  Blackhorse Troopers were collected in Washington DC at the dedication of the “Three Fighting Men” statue near the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Reunions have been held every year since 1986.  Reunion sites have been: Arlington, TX; Washington, DC; Louisville, KY;  Minneapolis, MN; Sacramento, CA; Philadelphia, PA; San Antonio, TX;  Indianapolis, IN; Colorado Springs, CO; Appleton, WI; Louisville, KY; Las Vegas, NV; New Orleans, LA; San Diego, CA; Buffalo, NY;  Ft. Myers, VA; Nashville, TN; Eugene OR;  Daytona FL; Colorado Springs, CO; Kansas City, MO; Louisville, KY; Chicago, IL; Santa Clara, CA; Washington, DC; and Saint Louis, MO.; Orlando, FL.; Indianapolis, IN.; Las Vegas, NV.; Columbus, GA.; San Antonio, TX; Orlando, FL.; Grand Rapids, MI.; Las Vegas, NV.; Indianapolis, IN. The 2021 reunion will be held in Dallas, TX. and  Birmingham, AL. has been chosen for the 2022 reunion.

We have been able to reunite many of our brothers by keeping a computer master file of everyone we’ve found by their name, squadron and troop and their dates in-country.  We update our rosters continuously to assure they are accurate and complete. We have reunited many buddies this way.

We publish a quarterly newsletter to each member of 11 ACVVC with reunion information, historical stories by our membership and information about our current members and events.  Participation in contributing to the contents of the newsletter is encouraged to all.

We provide scholarships to our K.I.A.’s children and grandchildren as well as children and grandchildren of our membership.  In the past years we have provided over $1,858,000.00 dollars in college scholarships!  This program is one of our most coveted programs helping our children and grandchildren get an education and to become our leaders for the future of our country.

We remember our killed in action who lost their lives in Vietnam and Cambodia each Memorial Day & Veterans Day by placing a wreath at The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.

February 2, 2021 there will be a placing a wreath at The Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers in remembrance of the 120th Anniversary of the 11th US Cavalry.

We continue to search for our brother veterans who served with us in Vietnam and Cambodia through special locators, mailings, handouts, and advertising in veteran newspapers and magazines.  Our goal is to find ALL of our former troopers who served with us and to “Reunite The Regiment” again.

We answered our Country’s call and served proudly with the best combat unit to have fought in the Vietnam War.


This page is here to serve you! We welcome your suggestions as to page content, look, style, or any comments you may have. If you think we are missing something, tell us! Please Contact us HERE to provide your input. This page is constantly being updated  to reflect new information as it becomes available and to make the page truly “your” page. It will always be improving (we hope!) and changing so please come back often.


11thACVVC National Headquarters
P.O. Box 956
 Colleyville, TX 76034-0956

“War drew us from our homeland in the
sunlit springtime of our youth.
Those who did not come back alive
remain in perpetual springtime — forever young —
and a part of us is with them always.”
Author Unknown
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