[343 Response] Dedicated servers Eu??? | Halo 5: Guardians | Forums

March 29, 2021

I’ve played warzone and arena games and I’ve done fairly well, people die after landing consistent headshots and when I get killed or know that I’m simply not having a good game … I haven’t felt pissed off about it because I haven’t witnessed any bs. This must be playing on a EU server or everyone that is playing on the US server is from the EU.Yesterday evening the frustration started to kick in, for 3-4 games pregame I noticed that anyone in game chat was from the US. I could put 5-6 headshots on players to either kill trade, get an assist or be killed even though from my view I started shooting first. I threw a grenade at the feet of one player and half a clip from a smg only to have him run up like nothing happened and melee charge and kill me.Having players from different continents play each other in a online shooter in 2015 is ridiculous, depending on how close you are or far you are from the server high pings will result in a disadvantage or vice versa. Would be great to have your ping displayed in the scoreboard and a server selection option.Any official response from 343 would be appreciated on how the dedicated server selection process works for players on Halo 5 from outside the US