14 Awesome Free Web Hosting Sites in 2020 (Great For New Bloggers)

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Who gets tired of free stuff? Nobody… unless of course you recently hit your head and aren’t thinking clearly.

We all love free stuff. Free tacos, free beer, or even a free t-shirt that gets tossed in the back of a drawer and never sees the light of day again the rest of its natural life.

It seems the word “free” triggers a sort of genetic response that makes us sit up and take notice.

So let’s talk about about free web hosting. Is it a good thing like free beer or ill-fitting t-shirt? The answer, as you might suspect, depends on what you intend to accomplish with your website.

Paid web hosting services (or meilleur hébergement web for the French among us) certainly have their place in the world, but the reality is that not everyone who wants to put something online has grand plans to challenge Amazon in a face-to-face ecommerce retail death match. Some of us have more modest intentions and just want a place to conduct email marketing campaigns, dump thoughts or share stuff quickly and without a lot of hassle.

If this latter idea describes you, it’s your lucky day. Keep reading to discover our no-holds-barred opinions on the top free (and almost free) web hosts on the market right now.

I just want to clarify something that I see a lot of people struggling with when it comes finding free hosting.

You won’t find a free host that gives you a free domain URL of your choosing – they don’t exist.

For example if I wanted to make a website about baking. There are no hosting companies that would provide you with mybakingwebsite.com. The reason is that it costs money to host the DNS and register the name.

Instead when it comes to free web hosting you can only get. mybakingwebsite.-

Your website is always owned by the parent company as is your domain name. You never own anything and in case you one day decide to retake your freedom – you’ll be charged a lot.

That’s why this review is about the cheapest “almost free” hosting companies. I’ve seen a lot of people make this mistake.

This aren’t isn’t a bait and switch but rather us sharing our advice after hosting hundreds of websites ourselves and seeing a lot of people get totally screwed over by free hosts.

Free hosts have servers to pay for, staff salary and marketing funnels to maintain.

So you might be wondering – how do they do that?

When hosting is not their product – you become their product (or in this case your data).

Here is how they ACTUALLY make money.

  1. Wait for you to upgrade – you end up paying 4-5X for migration fees.
  2. Malware + Spyware – Don’t believe me, read this.
  3. They sell your details  – advertisers buy your information to try to market to you
  4. Forced advertising – you might end up with some crazy ad on your site.
  5. Unprofessional – if one day you want to turn your collection of cat pictures into a professional photo album to break into the bustling world of professional cat photography, your free domain name won’t help! 

almost freeWhile the idea of 100% free web hosting is enough to start your tail wagging, don’t overlook the fact that their version of “free” might leave you with serious storage, performance, and bandwidth limitations.

…And unless you pay for an upgrade, you’re probably going to have to deal with their intrusive ads plastered all over your website.

While it’s true you can keep the free hosting as long as you like, if you ever intend to get more serious about a full-fledged website, you’re going to want to eventually upgrade to a more robust plan that costs a little something each month.

These days, you might be surprised how many features and benefits a close-to-free web host includes for spending anywhere from $3 to $10 monthly. We’re talking about a free domain, email accounts, plenty of storage, and even eCommerce functionality.

Here are our top five favorite almost-free hosting companies:

Affordable With a Great Support Team

  • cPanel dashboard with 1-click WordPress installs
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • 24/7 email and live chat support
  • Competitive hosting plan rates for upgrades
  • FREE site builder makes anyone a designer

One Dotcom LogoVisit One.com 

 The website builder is good for the price
Capability to preview your site in both desktop and mobile view as you create it

The 15 day refund period is kind of stingy.

For the extremely cost-conscious consumer who can get by with a no-frills basic website or needs email hosting more than anything, One’s starter package includes a domain, unlimited email accounts, and website builder at the rate of $3 a year. Packages tier up from there with a WordPress enabled plan costing about $3.50/month.

A Bit Pricey (After Free Trial Expires) but the Best eCom Option Available

  • Site builder included with lots of templates
  • Plenty of eCommerce options,discount codes available
  • All plans fully hosted with unlimited everything
  • Accept Stripe payments with easy integration
  • Transfer your domain, buy a new one, or use a FREE shopify subdomain

Shopify LogoVisit Shopify.com 

 One-stop shop for building a fully-functional online marketplace.

 Payment processing expenses if you choose any other route than the in-house option Stripe

Shopify is known for eCommerce, so if that’s the direction you’re headed, this web hosting company is geared for helping you get an online store up and going with a minimum of fuss. The Shopify subdomain option is perfect for sellers with a tiny budget who need to make a few bucks before they consider upgraded hosting.