10 Top Web Development Companies In India (Updated)

June 6, 2021

As we enter the new decade, the IT industry has a lot to offer. Many young and innovative minds are coming forward with their excellent ideas for developing a website. But what’s stopping them? 

Well, the choice of the right web development company is seen as the biggest challenge for any startup. To resolve this issue, here is a list of 10 top web development companies in India for 2021. 

Before diving in, let me introduce myself. I am Ryan Roy (LinkedIn) a software technology consultant. With 10+ years of domain expertise, I have been providing technology consulting and software development advises to SMEs, Startups, Enterprises, ISVs and Furtune 500 Companies. I hope you will like my research work.

This list of top web development companies in India has been curated based on my research and findings following these parameters:

  • Google, Bing, and Yahoo search results and organic search rankings. 
  • Online customer reviews and ratings.
  • Cumulative annual growth rate and net worth of the organization.
  • Analyzing the company’s expertise on the latest technologies in the market. 
  • The total number of successful projects delivered by the organization.
  • Contacting the company’s top clients personally and discussing their satisfaction level.

Here’s the list of 10 top web development services in India based on the above parameters and my research:

>>Rank1: PixelCrayons ( The company has maintained its top position for the last 5 years. With free software consulting, PixelCrayons also offers 100% money-back guarantee.)   

>>Rank 2: ValueCoders (Another renowned web development agency in India providing custom web development solutions on a hire basis.)

>>Rank 3: IndiaNIC ( A bit costly yet quality custom web development service providers.) 

>>Rank 4: Unified Infotech ( Moved one position down than last year. Still counted as one of the top web development companies in India.)

>>Rank 5: OpenXcell (A renowned custom web development agency.)

>>Rank 6: AllianceTek (Gained one position from last year)

>>Rank 7: eLuminous Technologies (Succeeded to maintain its position) 

>>Rank 8: Tvisha Technologies (Same position as last year)

>>Rank 9: CrestCoder. (One of the best web development companies in India)

>>Rank 10: Indus Net Technologies. (Moved one position down from the last year)

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10 Top Web Development Companies In India: Elaborative Explanation.

Now is the time to give you an in-depth view of these companies using stats and facts. You will get to understand the technical expertise and services offered by these top web development companies.

#1- PixelCrayons- An Indian award-winning web development company

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Based in Noida, India, PixelCrayons is an award-winning web development company that offers end-to-end solutions to SMEs, startups, and even Fortune 500 companies. 

Since 2004, PixelCrayons has served 4800+ customers from almost 38 countries around the globe. Their well-defined process offers a seamless working experience for their customers.

Through the last 16 years that PixelCrayons has been in business, they have continued to grow and have one of the best client retention rates- 97%.

Counted among trusted web development companies in India, PixelCrayons is determined to work towards its goal of being globally recognized for its software products’ quality. 

#2- ValueCoders- One of the best agencies to hire full-time/part-time engineers & software developers. 

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ValueCoders has been delivering custom web solutions globally since 2004. The company is well known for combining business domain knowledge, technology expertise, and proven methodologies in their software products. 

Their 450+ skilled employees work with a motto of yielding high-quality software products that add value to businesses. 

Counted among reputed web development companies in India, ValueCoders welcomes all. From Startups to Enterprises, Product Companies to Digital Agencies, and from SMEs to Governments. 

#3- IndiaNIC- A web development agency based in India

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With a talented team of 400+ project managers, software developers, and leaders, IndiaNIC excels in providing top-notch award-winning solutions. Seeing clients’ passion and interest in their ideas makes them motivated to work better.

The primary forte of IndiaNIC is working on custom web development, eCommerce, enterprise solutions, and mobile app development with design-led engineering practices. 

#4- Unified Infotech- A custom web development agency in the USA and India

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Unified Infotech is an award-winning company working towards the success of Enterprises, SMEs, and startups. They proactively plan, develop, design, and scale high-quality web solutions fuelling innovations and delivering success.

Counted among trusted web development companies in India, Unified is also well known because they value every project. According to them, every project is an important milestone in their journey. And to maintain their reputation, they work only on a handful of projects at a time, ensuring proactivity, industry best practices, and high precision focus. 

#5 OpenXcell- Industry-leading web development service provider.

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Established in 2009, OpenXcell is one of the most versatile web development companies in India. It is well known for delivering innovative software solutions and engaging web apps. Due to their unstoppable quest of adopting new methods and technologies, OpenXcell has evolved into a one-stop solution for software solutions. 

Headquartered in the US, OpenXcell has made a stellar reputation in the industry by sticking to strict timelines and top-quality products. The company works toward a customer-oriented service model, making it loved by its customers. 

#6 AllianceTek- One of the top web development companies in India & the US.  


Incorporated in 2005, AllianceTek is a one-stop solution for all web development problems. They undertake all the tasks right from strategizing concept to development and from marketing the product to ongoing maintenance. The company believes in delivering end-to-end tailored solutions empowered with the latest technologies.

According to their Business representatives, their clients do not have to worry about cultural gaps or communication problems from overseas outsourcing. The company is well-known for delivering cost-effective business solutions to customers. 

 #7 eLuminous Technologies- A well-known web development company in the US.

eLuminous Technologies helps businesses with web and mobile application solutions offering state-of-the-art Business Intelligence, Web Development solutions, and much more. With 17 years of experience, eLuminous has offered personalized solutions to clients across the globe. 

Counted among trusted web development companies in India, eLuminous is known as more of a partner than a vendor. The company takes complete ownership of every project they work on, from conceptualization and development to release and maintenance. 

With a workforce of 250 professionals, eLuminous masters their work by delivering incredible UX/UI, well-tested products, guaranteed on-time delivery, and top-notch consulting. 

#8 TvishaTechnologies- A trusted web development company in India & the US.

Powered with a perfect balance of technologies, TvishaTechnologies is a fast-track web solutions provider. It is a fountainhead for best-in-class contemporary technology products and scalable solutions. 

Counted among trusted web development companies in India, Tvisha has created a niche space for itself in web development, software development, and maintenance. Their elite portfolio of clients and premier products reflects their efficiency and adaptability across various domains. 

#9 CrestCoder- A reputed web development company in India

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CrestCoder doesn’t just write lines of code. They compose software solutions for problems that matter. For the past few years, their brand has emerged as the industry leader in the software industry. 

In their words, coding is like poetry capable of empowering lives. CrestCoder is seen as a top web app development company providing full-service designing, development, and deployment. All this to help enterprises and startups to convert their paper goals to tech. 

#10 Indus Net Technologies- A web development firm in India. 


Indus Net is an award-winning web development company bringing innovative ideas to life since 1997 and offering sustainable and straightforward software solutions with the confluence of technology, marketing, and analytics. 

Indus Net Technologies is a trusted partner of the fastest-growing organizations across 20+ countries. Their consultative & collaborative approach is analytic-driven, and it helps enterprises navigate every facet of the digital landscape to identify growth opportunities. 

Counted among trusted web development companies in India, Indus Net Technologies has 750+ experts who strive to provide fast and flexible digital solutions with utmost efficiency over the last 20 years. 

Summing Up

This is the complete list of the top 10 web development companies in India for 2021. As discussed earlier, these companies are listed based on some factors like reviews and ratings by their clients on Google, Clutch, and GoodFirms. This list will surely help you in finding your perfect match as per your needs and choices.

All of the best and top-notch companies are mentioned in this list to take care of your project demands and budget. So choose wisely. 

If you are a client of any of the companies mentioned above, don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section below. Also, if you know of any other top web development service based in India, do let us know. I will look out these firms on the parameters mentioned earlier and mention them in this list.