10+ Best eCommerce Website Builder UK (2020 Reviews)

September 11, 2020

3 | Shopify: A Feature Packed eCommerce Platform

Shopify is undoubtedly a company that you’ve already heard of. Over 1.5 million websites use Shopify, with a steadily increasing market share over the years. Shopify is most popular in the United States, followed closely by the U.K., Australia, and Canada.


If you’re not keen on learning the ins and outs of how eCommerce builders work, then I highly recommend Shopify. For beginners, and advanced users alike, Shopify is super easy to get to grips with and continue using. Not only can you create an online store, you can create a website and blog using Shopify’s wide selection of themes and templates.

What’s more, you won’t be limited to how many products you want to sell or how much data you want to save regarding your customers. The real difference between Shopify’s price plans is reporting and analytics, but I’ll go into this in more depth later on.

Websites that use Shopify:

Some pretty big names there aren’t there? That’s because, in my humble opinion, Shopify is awesome! I know it’s all well and good saying that, but why do I think they’re so great? I’ve put together a list of pros and cons based on my personal experience so that you can make your own decision. None of these images or scenarios are fabricated, they are a true reflection of the Shopify testing I completed.

Shopify Pros:

+ Customer Support: Shopify’s customer support is accessible before you’ve even signed up. You can gain instant access to their Help Center whether you’ve decided to become a customer or not. Their actual support is available 24/7, with a wide range of solutions and contact methods available.

I thought I’d try my luck contacting Shopify’s live chat to establish how long it would take to speak to someone, and whether they were particularly knowledgeable. I submitted my question via the support page and within 3 seconds I was connected with a lovely agent called Katie. Not only was she really friendly, Katie knew her stuff too which was very reassuring!

I felt at this point that Shopify would genuinely be available for me 24/7. And if you don’t have the time to chat to someone, you can tweet them, send an email, or call them – so many options! All in all I was really pleased with the service I had received.

I could easily sit here all day and list out more of Shopify’s amazing features, but you would be reading for a long time! To keep things short and sweet, here’s a summary of what I love about Shopify:

+ Instant support: I was connected to an agent within 3 seconds in my test. Their support is world class; not only are they friendly, but they’re actually helpful too!

+ Loads of themes: Shopify has so many themes to choose from, I was a little overwhelmed. They have a great selection of paid and free themes, giving me the confidence that I would never struggle to find a theme that was suitable.

+ Unlimited products: There are no limits on any of Shopify’s pricing plans regarding products. That means you can sell as many products as you like on your online store – brilliant!

+ Website and blog: Shopify offer the whole package, it doesn’t just stop once you’ve created an online store. You can create and integrate your website and/or blog to your online store keeping your styling consistently beautiful throughout.

+ Free SSL certificates: If you’re selling products online, your customers are going to want reassurance that their details are secure. Free SSL certificates means you don’t have to fork out for extra security, as it’s already there.


Shopify Cons

– Transaction fees: Unless you use their Shopify Payments to take money on your website, you’ll have to pay a transaction fee on each sale. These range in cost across each pricing plan from 0.5% to 2%.

– Monthly subscription increase: Although there is a set monthly subscription price per plan, this could end up increasing if you’re not careful. There are loads of Shopify Apps that are free, but not all of them are. Don’t be caught out and end up spending more than you originally wanted.